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TV Show: “Confidence”

Erica Stevens is an eighteen year old girl who had a dream to inspire young girls to find self confidence. She noticed that young girls today were not getting enough encouragement for self-esteem. Growing up, Erica always had great self-esteem, and didn’t let anything/anyone bring her down. However, she was very concerned and felt for the girls who had low self-esteem. As these young girls blossomed into young women, they chose the wrong paths in life. They turned to alcohol, drugs, and many things to abuse their body as a result of poor self confidence. Erica saw a possible solution for this problem, and an understanding of where these feelings and emotions were coming from. Growing up with these young women, Erica took notice that they had very little support from anyone to help build their self-esteem. She believed that there is hope for these young women, and wanted to show them that they are really precious, beautiful, and most importantly valuable. Erica has a vision to promote confidence, and self-esteem worldwide by creating a reality show focusing on young women and assisting them to value who they are, to embrace their personality, and to love themselves unconditionally.


Show outline

Erica picks a young woman to be on her reality show, someone who needs their self-confidence boosted. She then spends two weeks with this individual teaching her different techniques to enhance their self-esteem, to identify their inner beauty, and to find the root of the problem. Once this is accomplished Erica ends off the show by helping the young woman accomplish a dream that she was unable to do in the beginning such as, singing, speaking, or dancing in front of a crowd.


Sponsor Information

The show “Confidence” is a great way to advertise and let the world know about our sponsors Goody, and Jeanne Lottie. This show fits right in with Goody and the Girls on the run program that helps preteen girls build self-esteem, tackle youth issues, and acquire leadership skills. Goody and this show share the same mission to give girls and women tools that make them feel great about who they are. Participants of this show will also receive Jeanne Lottie merchandise as gifts for accomplishing so much, and doing such a great job on the show.


Show Outline

–          Introduction: Stephanie is a 10th grade student who’s always dreamed of dancing in front of her entire school. She has a strong passion for ballet, but thinks that she is too ugly, and over weight to even bother.

–          Meeting Erica: Erica surprises her by showing up at Stephanie’s unannounced and ready to help her overcome some of her personal obstacles.

–          Self-esteem Boot Camp: In a two week period Erica assists Stephanie in many different self-esteem workshops, techniques, and exercises to help her gain confidence. She finds the root of the problem in which the low self-esteem comes from. Stephanie was bullied by her peers throughout middle school and the beginning of high school, which put her down as a person. Erica encourages her to talk to a professional about this problem and to overcome it.

–          Shopping Spree: Erica then takes Stephanie on a little shopping spree to bring her spirits up; she takes her to many different stores, including our sponsors.

–          Dance Recital: Now that Stephanie has all the tools she needs to keep her Confidence high, she dares to do what she’s always dreamed of which is to dance in front of all her friends and classmates. She does an excellent job and everyone is very impressed, they even give her a standing ovation! This concludes the first episode of “Confidence” I really hope you’ve enjoyed it; tune in next week for a brand new episode.


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This is me at my “Toll Bridge” fundraising for Free The Children Charity


Oprah’s Angel Network

There is this one corporate partner that stood out to me the most out of the other 59 outstanding corporate partners that are involved in the “Free The Children” Charity. This one is called “Oprah’s Angel Network”. This is how the charity all began, It all started in 1997 on the “Oprah Winfrey Show”. Oprah invited her viewers to join her help others in need in this world. It all started off as a campaign, for anyone just to spare any change they had. And then later on it formed into a charity, called “Oprah’s Angel Network”. The charity became very successful with the help from people all over the world. I can relate to this charity so much because they do what was similar to what I have done to raise money for the “Free The Children” Charity, I had collected change from everyone who drove by this certain area in my community where people can donate there spare change if they wanted to contribute to the charity, we call it a toll bridge. We collected any spare change from several vehicles that drove by and we raised 740.91$. I was so happy to see how much people actually cared in my own little community, and to see what “Oprah’s Angel Network” does what similar to what I did, but with help with generous people throughout the world was just amazing to see.

This is the charity has accomplished; with “Free The Children” Charity they have built 55 schools in 12 countries. Provided more than $1 million worth of school supplies, including school uniforms and shoes, to 18,000 needy South African children. Helped more than 1,000 families get back into their homes and helped build or restore more than 400 homes in eight communities across Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Regarding the hurricane “Katrina and Rita”. The network built “The Seven Fountains Primary School” in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The school has more than 1,000 boys and girls. A joint project of Oprah’s Angel Network called “O ambassadors” and Free The Children, inspired young people in the United States and Canada to become responsible global citizens. Oprah’s Angel Network introduced the “Use Your Life Award” on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2000. From 2000 to 2003, there were more then 50 organizations that were making a difference in there own ways. Inspired by “O, The Oprah Magazine’s” “Rescuing the World’s Girls” and “Live Your Best Life Tour” events, the Angel Network gave grants to organizations that provide life-changing assistance for women and girls.

All of what “Oprah’s Angel Network” and “Free The Children” has done has been inspiring too me. It is such an awesome network because it tributes to almost anything that needs help the most. It isn’t just one particular thing that they contribute to; it is what needs to be most focused and cared for.  When it comes to education, and too being an ambassador for youth throughout the world. Everything about this Charity is just amazing.

Oprah’s Angel Network and Free The Children Charity has been working together for six years now, and plan on continuing doing what there doing. Thanks to Oprah’s Angel Network and Free The Children’s successful implementation, the “O ambassadors” program will fully transition to Free The Children.

Old press release’s and News Media Report links:

  • http://bx.businessweek.com/oprah-angel-network/news/
  • http://www.oprah.com/pressroom/Oprahs-Angel-Network-Public-Charities-and-Foundations-in-the-News-Press-Releases

Links to learn more about Oprah’s Angel Network and Free The Children Charity:

  • http://oprahsangelnetwork.org/about-us/overview
  • http://www.oprah.com/angel_network.html
  • http://www.freethechildren.com/


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My Community: Eskasoni, Nova Scotia.

Welcome (Pjlasi) my community, and took pictures with some of my favourite places to be at. I went to my catholic church, which is my out most favourite place to be at. And I went to my other most favourite place, the hike up the mountain (Cross). Once your up there you can see the beautiful scenery of Eskasoni. It is another valuable place for me because it is just a calm and peaceful place to be. I took a picture of my school, Chief Allison M Bernard Memorial High. This is also a special place for me because lots of memories were made there that I wouldn’t ever forget. I also took a picture of a “Wigwam” that is special to me because that is where the Mi’kmaq ancestors used to live in before we had houses. And I took a picture of me in a walking trail, (Goat Island) where I spend time. Its such a beautiful location to be at because the nature is amazing. What makes my community special? and Why do I like my community so much? Its because My community is different from all the other communities. Everyone is so close to each other. We were raised in a community that offers something that is very rare for this huge world have, it is our Mi’kmaq language and culture. I am grateful for being raised in my community. I hope that others see how beautiful my community is. Because it is something that everyone should experience.

Eskasoni Band Council, Is one of my main sponsors. They helped me so much!! I am so grateful for what they offered me. So I would like to say a big thank you to the Eskasoni Band Council!!!








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My Events:

On May 29th 2011, I made an appearance at the IWK’s Make A Wish Foundation Princess Tea Party at the MTCC Memebertou, Nova Scotia. I, Along with plenty of little princess’ and pirates had a blast! The whole event was an success. It was all for a good cause, and it was all worth it. I signed a couple of autographs and took pictures with my crown and sash. I enjoyed having to meeting new people! I will be making an appearance at another event sooner. I will be keeping you updated


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My Platform Idea:

Where I got my platform idea for the pageant is from my own community. My platform is about suicide prevention. It is such an important topic for me because a couple years ago we had several deaths, one after another from suicide. It was so hard seeing my own community going through this without being able to do anything about it. And majority of the suicides were from our own youth, my own peers. During this crisis, I haven’t ever seen my community so close before. Everyone helped each other and also got plenty of generous help from others from everywhere else.  What helped my community come out of this black hole was a 24 hour Crisis Centre that provides a ear for when a voice was needed to be heard, prayers all throughout Canada and love that our community has shown for each other. What hurts the most is that those lives lost were totally preventable. But we are blessed right now that we have the sustainability and help to turn to when we need it what we haven’t had before. Suicide doesn’t just call for my own community, I know that suicide is a common issue for youth my age all throughout Canada. I want to show youth everywhere that there is hope, that there is love and that there is help. Plenty of youth need to hear that. As for I, I want to get that word across.

Eskasoni Summer Youth Rally 2010


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I have been a dancer ever since I was the age of six. I have been dancing most of my life. I dance jazz, tap, ballet and lyrical. My dance school is called NADACA dance troupe. Dance gave me this confidence I don’t think I would of gotten anywheres else. I grew up on the stage which made me not scared to be who I really am in front of a large crowd of people. I am comfortable being on stage, and its mainly because dance gave me that confidence. I even went as far as New York City to dance with my former dance school “Cape Breton School of the Arts” we experienced dancing with New Yorks Famous Rockettes. It was an amazing time. Once I go off to university, I sadly have to leave my dance school. But wish to continue in dance in my own culture, such as Traditional Dancing.


Track and Field

Each year I run for my High School’s track team. This year we competed in Antigonish against all the First Nations School’s all throughout Nova Scotia. We all did great and we all received a medal. I got a gold medal in the 1500 meter dash and a silver medal in the 100 meter relay competition. Way to go Eskasoni!

Chief Allison M Bernard Memorial High School's Track Team


Chief Allison M Bernard Memorial High School's First Volleyball Team

My senior year in high school I ran for student council president and won the election. One of the changes I made in my school were sports. I decided too put volleyball teams in my school, for the boys and girls. The new change was a success, and got our school a volleyball couch and bran new volleyball teams. Our school competed against other schools in Cape Breton. But it was our first year, and we didn’t do as bad as we thought we would. Now I know, when I leave for university that my former school will continue on with this tradition that I started and develop more skill as they go. At the awards night, I was also awarded the sportsmanship award. I hope that they will continue this forever.


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