TV Show: “Confidence”

Erica Stevens is an eighteen year old girl who had a dream to inspire young girls to find self confidence. She noticed that young girls today were not getting enough encouragement for self-esteem. Growing up, Erica always had great self-esteem, and didn’t let anything/anyone bring her down. However, she was very concerned and felt for the girls who had low self-esteem. As these young girls blossomed into young women, they chose the wrong paths in life. They turned to alcohol, drugs, and many things to abuse their body as a result of poor self confidence. Erica saw a possible solution for this problem, and an understanding of where these feelings and emotions were coming from. Growing up with these young women, Erica took notice that they had very little support from anyone to help build their self-esteem. She believed that there is hope for these young women, and wanted to show them that they are really precious, beautiful, and most importantly valuable. Erica has a vision to promote confidence, and self-esteem worldwide by creating a reality show focusing on young women and assisting them to value who they are, to embrace their personality, and to love themselves unconditionally.


Show outline

Erica picks a young woman to be on her reality show, someone who needs their self-confidence boosted. She then spends two weeks with this individual teaching her different techniques to enhance their self-esteem, to identify their inner beauty, and to find the root of the problem. Once this is accomplished Erica ends off the show by helping the young woman accomplish a dream that she was unable to do in the beginning such as, singing, speaking, or dancing in front of a crowd.


Sponsor Information

The show “Confidence” is a great way to advertise and let the world know about our sponsors Goody, and Jeanne Lottie. This show fits right in with Goody and the Girls on the run program that helps preteen girls build self-esteem, tackle youth issues, and acquire leadership skills. Goody and this show share the same mission to give girls and women tools that make them feel great about who they are. Participants of this show will also receive Jeanne Lottie merchandise as gifts for accomplishing so much, and doing such a great job on the show.


Show Outline

–          Introduction: Stephanie is a 10th grade student who’s always dreamed of dancing in front of her entire school. She has a strong passion for ballet, but thinks that she is too ugly, and over weight to even bother.

–          Meeting Erica: Erica surprises her by showing up at Stephanie’s unannounced and ready to help her overcome some of her personal obstacles.

–          Self-esteem Boot Camp: In a two week period Erica assists Stephanie in many different self-esteem workshops, techniques, and exercises to help her gain confidence. She finds the root of the problem in which the low self-esteem comes from. Stephanie was bullied by her peers throughout middle school and the beginning of high school, which put her down as a person. Erica encourages her to talk to a professional about this problem and to overcome it.

–          Shopping Spree: Erica then takes Stephanie on a little shopping spree to bring her spirits up; she takes her to many different stores, including our sponsors.

–          Dance Recital: Now that Stephanie has all the tools she needs to keep her Confidence high, she dares to do what she’s always dreamed of which is to dance in front of all her friends and classmates. She does an excellent job and everyone is very impressed, they even give her a standing ovation! This concludes the first episode of “Confidence” I really hope you’ve enjoyed it; tune in next week for a brand new episode.


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