My Community: Eskasoni, Nova Scotia.

Welcome (Pjlasi) my community, and took pictures with some of my favourite places to be at. I went to my catholic church, which is my out most favourite place to be at. And I went to my other most favourite place, the hike up the mountain (Cross). Once your up there you can see the beautiful scenery of Eskasoni. It is another valuable place for me because it is just a calm and peaceful place to be. I took a picture of my school, Chief Allison M Bernard Memorial High. This is also a special place for me because lots of memories were made there that I wouldn’t ever forget. I also took a picture of a “Wigwam” that is special to me because that is where the Mi’kmaq ancestors used to live in before we had houses. And I took a picture of me in a walking trail, (Goat Island) where I spend time. Its such a beautiful location to be at because the nature is amazing. What makes my community special? and Why do I like my community so much? Its because My community is different from all the other communities. Everyone is so close to each other. We were raised in a community that offers something that is very rare for this huge world have, it is our Mi’kmaq language and culture. I am grateful for being raised in my community. I hope that others see how beautiful my community is. Because it is something that everyone should experience.

Eskasoni Band Council, Is one of my main sponsors. They helped me so much!! I am so grateful for what they offered me. So I would like to say a big thank you to the Eskasoni Band Council!!!








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