I have been a dancer ever since I was the age of six. I have been dancing most of my life. I dance jazz, tap, ballet and lyrical. My dance school is called NADACA dance troupe. Dance gave me this confidence I don’t think I would of gotten anywheres else. I grew up on the stage which made me not scared to be who I really am in front of a large crowd of people. I am comfortable being on stage, and its mainly because dance gave me that confidence. I even went as far as New York City to dance with my former dance school “Cape Breton School of the Arts” we experienced dancing with New Yorks Famous Rockettes. It was an amazing time. Once I go off to university, I sadly have to leave my dance school. But wish to continue in dance in my own culture, such as Traditional Dancing.


Track and Field

Each year I run for my High School’s track team. This year we competed in Antigonish against all the First Nations School’s all throughout Nova Scotia. We all did great and we all received a medal. I got a gold medal in the 1500 meter dash and a silver medal in the 100 meter relay competition. Way to go Eskasoni!

Chief Allison M Bernard Memorial High School's Track Team


Chief Allison M Bernard Memorial High School's First Volleyball Team

My senior year in high school I ran for student council president and won the election. One of the changes I made in my school were sports. I decided too put volleyball teams in my school, for the boys and girls. The new change was a success, and got our school a volleyball couch and bran new volleyball teams. Our school competed against other schools in Cape Breton. But it was our first year, and we didn’t do as bad as we thought we would. Now I know, when I leave for university that my former school will continue on with this tradition that I started and develop more skill as they go. At the awards night, I was also awarded the sportsmanship award. I hope that they will continue this forever.


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