I was crowned Miss Teen Cape Breton Island-World this April 2011. The provincials were the best! I actually wasn’t 100% sure if i was going to enter the pageant at first, considering I went on three other pageants before. And it also just didn’t fit into my time schedule. And only a week before the pageant I got the call to get the interview, and went with my gut and decided to do the interview, the next day I got an email stating that I got accepted to join the pageant. After that email I got very excited, and got prepared soon as possible. The two days I spent in Halifax was certainly the greatest decision I have ever made. I had so much fun with my new friends I made at the provincial pageant. We spent the two days training, dancing, and having a great time. Once I got chosen as a finalist in the pageant I will so shocked, because it’s been one of my greatest dreams to be on the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant. From that moment on, I knew that anything in this world was possible. If i could achieve my dream, then anyone could.

Me and the girls at the pageant. 5 of us will move on to the Regional pageant, Sophie, Skye, Darlene and Tiffarah! Can’t wait too see you girls in Toronto. Love ya’ s <3

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